Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello all!

So sorry for being a horrible blogger! Here is a few pictures to please those of you on planet blog.

At our house during Kaiser and Austin's weekend of fun!

Hanging out on Friday night!

Some fun at the park on Saturday evening right before Kristen's awesome surprise party!!

Alien fun at Chipotle after church!

We love playing in the "cage" under the dining room table.

Best buds.

The end.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Pittsburgh Zoo

I do give Pittsburgh a hard time every now and then, mainly due to its arctic tundra climate and the fact that it is not located in the great state of Texas. However, during the summer it is a lovely city and it just so happens they have an amazing zoo! Yay for Pittsburgh.

-Look mom, I am chilling with the giraffes!

-I love orangutans!!

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Family weekend

Christian, Dana, and Tommy came to Pittsburgh to visit a couple of weekends ago. When Aunt Dana is in town, I leave it up to her to take the photos. Please Aunt Dana send me a couple of your favorites and I will post to the blog!! Here is what I have.

-Uncle Tommy laughing with Austin.

-Fun with Aunt Dana and Uncle Tommy!!

-Thanks Uncle Christian for my awesome new shirt. I look so grown up!!

-Waking up from a nap!

-My cute husband as a baby!

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Playing outside!

Mark Austin Edwards will be turning 1 year old on May 11th. Mark and I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. As each stage passes I get sad knowing that each precious step is short-lived and a once in a lifetime experience. However, as Austin leaves one stage behind, he does something new and hilarious that makes me exuberant regarding his next phase. Mark and I are so blessed to have this unique child in our lives!! Now it is photo time!!!

-Thanks Aunt Georgia for my stinky shirt. It suits me well thanks to my stinky parents!

-Daddy throwing cheerios in his mouth.

-Daddy and Austin in the deck box.

-Mommy and Daddy enjoying a quiet night in their backyard.

-Mom leave me alone. I am trying to play in the dirt!!

-Yummy!! Chocolate!!

-Thanks Yia Yia Tula and Papou George for my new block set!!!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

First blog ever!!

Since I am horrible at answering my phone, I thought I would start a family blog to keep everyone up to date!! This way if you want to see all one million photos of baby Austin you can look here, and I will stop spamming your inbox!

Let's start with today, Easter, and work backwards.

***my boys on the way to lunch and church***

We have been back from tx/fl for about three weeks, right in time for Easter chocolate craziness! We have taken field trips to the chocolate store and factory.

Good Friday:

***Austin in his hairnet in the factory***

***working hard in the factory***

***playing outside with daddy***


***Austin found the Easter basket grass at the store yesterday!!!***

***mmm chocolate***

Easter Sunday:

***fun with my new toy from Mary, Coula, and Georgie!***

Last weekend:

***Easter egg hunt in his reindeer outfit!***

***crawling through customers at the store***

***working hard like daddy***

More to come!!

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